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At DOUX abattoirs the Machine formulates the intention / Anniyah

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"Innama Alaamalou Bi Anniyat" "إنما الأعمال بالنيات" "The deeds are considered by the intentions"

At DOUX abattoirs, it is the Machine that formulates the intention / Anniyah

Both ASIDCOM and WMCO decided to write (see below) to the Group Doux to claim respect for Muslim pilgrims

To :


Directeur Général Groupe Terrena

La Noëlle – BP 20 199


M. Christian VIGNAUD

Directeur Gastronome

Zac de l’aérôpole –

36 impasse Louis Blériot

44150 Ancenis

M. Arnauld DELABY

Membre du Directoire

Directeur Commercial Export


ZI Lospars – CS 30022 –

29150 Châteaulin

March 31, 2016

Subject : The Doux allegedly halal poultry

Copy :

His Excellency Dr Khalid BIN MOHAMMAD AL ANKARY, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in France

Dr. Abdallah EL FALEH, Director of Religious Affairs at the Embassy in France

Dr. Abdullah BIN ABDULMOHSIN Al-Turki, General Secretary of the World Islamic League

Dr. Saleh. H. ALAAYED, General Secretary of the International Islamic Halal Organization

Dr. Hashem AL MAHDI MOHAMED, Director Office of the Muslim World League in Paris

Mr. Anwar KBIBECH, president of the CFCM (French Council of Muslim Worship)

Mr. Aslam TIMOL, President of the Commission Halal of the CFCM

Dear Directors,

The governments of countries with Muslim-majority, representatives of Muslim worship and Muslim consumers maintain their mobilization to reform the halal market. Their efforts include in particular respect for religious norms and insurance of the halal quality. The organizations ASIDCOM and WMCO, in this framework, called you, the Saudi authorities and representatives of the French Muslim Worship about your allegedly halal products. We noted the mobilization of the Saudi authorities concerning non-compliance of your products with the halal quality . So we thank the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Muslim World League for their efforts made to improve the halal product warranty offered to Muslim pilgrims.

Naturally, we want to know your decisions about needs and religious requirements of Muslim consumers, expressed in our letter , of June 29, 2015 ; which are :

-  A hand religious slaughter without interference of any stunning method before or after

-  A Halal certification performed by a halal control body which satisfies the religious, moral and technical skills required for the religious control of halal

Please note, for your information that :

-  The International Islamic Fiqh Academy, requested by the OIC, ruled in December 2013 that it is forbidden to stun and slaughter mechanically poultry.

-  The Halal Charter of the CFCM (French Council of Muslim Worship) excludes the mechanical slaughter and all kind of stunning. It is signed by the three mosques approved by the government to empower religious slaughterers in France,

-  A list of local Saudi products, equivalent to yours, circulates to help consumers to avoid improper imported products

Finally, you find attached a certificate of AFCAI that alerts Muslim consumers on the duplicity of its control. On the certificate, the legal representative of the AFCAI signed on January 11, 2008 a certificate attesting that the production of January 8, 2009 would be halal.

Best regards,




Dr. Ibrahim ABD EL-RAHIM

Umm Al-Qura University

Makkah Al-Mukaramah,

President of WMCO-Saudi Arabia

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