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Halal Standardization : The Malaysian Model

Within the context of increasing power on food expenditure among Muslim consumers in Malaysia, Halal certification was formally introduced by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) in 1994. From then on, the steady growth of the Halal industry propelled Halal certified products to the global stage of international trade. The need (...)

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  • Salam Aleikoum
    Et en français ça donne quoi ?


  • Halal Standardization : The Malaysian Model 22 juin 2015 11:18, par isqatunidam

    J’ai démontré avec Doux que le système Jakim est loin d’etre un modèle puisqu’il a accordé la certification a l’association de controle AFCAI chez Doux qui est comme on l’a vu a la base une association de traduction sans controleurs sur site et qui utilise abattage mecanique.

    De plus AFCAI est certifié JAKIM, ce n’est que après plusieurs mails et coup de fils que Jakim a retirer sa certification a AFCAI.

    Voici la réponse de JAKIM

    Date : Thursday, August 26 2010 08:53 AM
    Subject : Re : FW : no answer from Jakim


    We had read your email regarding AFCAI and your concern on the mechanical slaughtering practices by them.
    we think that you have misconception on our procedures of appoinment recognised islamic bodies. the purpose
    of the recognition is not for them to use our halal logo for any of their product. our concern for this recognition
    of islamic body is for us to monitor the product that had been certified by them that enter to Malaysia market.

    although we are not recognised mechanical slaughtering however, the chicken from france are not enter malaysia
    market. if this chicken exported to Malaysia our department veterinary services together with JAKIM will ask them to stop mechanical slaughtering for Malaysia market. all other products based on meat and chicken also cannot enter malaysia port without the permission from department veterinary services.

    As far as they are produce the chicken for france and middle east market it is up to the competent body at that place to request them to stop the mechanical slaughtering method. however, it is not fair for them if JAKIM delisted this body on the ground of that practice only which is not give great impact to Malaysia. other than that, we are restricted on the jurisdiction and power for each country.

    however, what can we do is that we can send an objection letter and made them aware that Malaysia looking this matter seriously.

    Wahida Norashikin binti Jamaruddin
    Assistant Director
    Bahagian Hub Halal
    Hub Halal Division
    Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia
    Department Of Islamic Development Malaysia
    Tel : 03 - 83150200/012-3316402
    Fax : 03- 83187044


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