lundi, 10 août 2020

ASIDCOM Press Release : After pressure from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in 2008, it is now ARGML who is attacking ASIDCOM

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ASIDCOM was shocked to learn of the existence of a judgment against our organization. It is a follow-up to the legal action taken by ARGML (The Ritual Association of the Great Mosque of Lyon) against ASIDCOM (Association of Awareness, Information and Defense of Muslim consumers).

The reason for this action is the contents of the ASIDCOM Bulletin No. 2, published on December 19, 2012, regarding halal certification by the three great mosques (Paris, Lyon and Evry) and the Isla-Delice halal products case. This organization moved from certification by AVS (where animals were slaughtered without prior stunning) to a certification by ARGML (using electric bath stunning for poultry). Thus, we proceeded immediately to move the ASIDCOM bulletin N°2 from our website. However, the Court of Appeals of Grenoble will be seized ASIDCOM. First, ASIDCOM is committed to the principle of freedom of expression and the right of criticism as an association of Muslim consumers. Secondly, we have learned about such only after the judgment occurred. We now wish to present the arguments of Muslim consumers on this matter but need funds for these legal matters.

More than ever, ASIDCOM needs the moral and material support of Muslim consumers. You can become an ASIDCOM member [please use the web link to ASIDCOM. Membership and donations can either be made on the web site or they may be sent to ASIDCOM at the address shown on the web site. Thank you for your help and support. Salaam.

(*) Note on the title : the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which campaigns to impose electronarcosis on the Jewish and Muslim religious slaughter, had exercised in 2008 media and political pressure to ban a religious slaughter training organized by ASIDCOM, within the Eid Al-Adha, the second biggest annual celebration of the Muslim religion. The training focused on both the regulatory and technical aspects of the Muslim religious slaughter without using électronarcose, was then postponed. An article by Vincent Geisser ( a French sociologist) was devoted to this matter. (Brigitte Bardot, the new Minister of the Interior ? Hate campaign against an association of Muslim consumers link : read on] ’in french), and articles published on our website link : content and censorship training

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A propos d’ASIDCOM Créée en 2006 et présidée par Abdelaziz Di-Spigno jusqu’à juin 2011, l’association ASIDCOM est une association de consommateurs musulmans, déclarée ( type loi 1901) le 3 octobre 2006 en Préfecture des Bouches-du-Rhône, puis déclarée le 28 janvier 2013 à la Préfecture du Nord et elle (...)
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