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French Muslim Stakeholders Release about the CEN/AFNOR Halal Standard

RELEASE : Halal is primarily a religious issue AND a Matter for Muslim religious authorities The signatories of this press release, met April 20, 2015 at the Grand Mosque of Lyon and agreed that : · Any Muslim religious questions or definitions, or religious decisions are the exclusive prerogative of religious authorities of the Muslim (...)

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3 commentaires
  • We denounce this. Halal is religious and no government agency has any right to play around with it.
    Leave Halal alone to the Muslims to handle and worry about it.
    Non-Muslims have no right to play with it.


  • It is up to the Muslims to work alone on this topic.

    But in this case the Muslims came to CEN and asked CEN to build a board to work on this. According the regulations of the nationals boards there are no decisions possible without the acceptance of the Muslims. They can deny everything that is in their opinion not acceptable.

    The french Muslims supported this process for a long time (at least since 2012) but now they are crying because they realized that even people from other religions can read books.

    As I wrote in the beginning : its up to them to work alone on this, but than dont go to CEN yourself !!!


    • The CEN project insn’t a Muslim request. In 2007, work was ongoing with AFNOR, in France, on the development of a specification standard for halal products. But this draft standard originally announced in France never materialized at that time but reappear via an Austrian initiative in late 2009. In France, we was told that, if we don’t participate, the work will be done without us. That’s Why ASIDCOM has participated in order to defend Muslim consumers’ interest. Unfortunately, the CEN work content is confidential. Otherwise, you will see by yourself how much we worked hard with non-Muslims for the general interest. But it is clear There is an agenda against Muslim rights within this CEN project.


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