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List of Haram or Doubtful Products that are labelled Halal

For the least convinced of the gravity of the situation, ASIDCOM proposes its fourth news bulletin dedicated to the list of Haram or Doubtful products that are widely spread on the French market. It is the ease to sell these Haram or Doubtful products which encouraged the stubbornness of the industrialists to invent their own Halal standard (...)

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  • List of Haram or Doubtful Products that are labelled Halal 30 mai 2017 17:01, par Hochstenbach

    Dear Sirs,

    We have been made aware of your notification stating there are doubts on the halalness of our products.
    We request you to advise upon which facts you base your assumptions.

    Assumptions like yours can be harmfull to a brand and to a business. If you have legal facts in your posession proving such we would like to be made aware.

    We on our turn make you aware Anur is one of the leading brands in various European countries.Our brand is our bond. All Anur products are certified by the leading certifier Halal Correct.You can find Halal Correct on the following site :

    Unless you have solid legal proof of your statement we request you to delete our name from your site and notifications. We advise you to contact mr Ali Ben Saleh of Halal Correct in order to convince yourself of our integrity.

    Kind regards,
    Anur Halal foods


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