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The AFNOR is called to remove its so called “halal” standard

The press release of the Muslim Halal stakeholders

The AFNOR « Halal » standard

Devoid of any religious competence or legitimacy, the AFNOR (The French Association for Normalization) acted in contradiction with the republican principles and the rules of the French normative system, to take advantage of some privileges of the halal market.

The signatories of the present press release denounce the interference of the AFNOR with the Muslim worship, and its breaches of rules of impartiality and transparency which base the normative work.

We call the AFNOR to remove its so called “halal” standard, which was drafted within the framework of a commission created in November, 2016, without the Muslims and without the collection of the required consensus of the Muslim stakeholders (the representatives of the worship, the certification bodies, the associations of consumers and the manufacturers) which remind their firm opposition to the normative work of the halal by a secular body such as the AFNOR, in France, or the CEN, in Europe.

We recall that the consumption of halal food is an act of worship for the Muslim consumer who, beyond the economic challenges, must be respected in his religious beliefs, a fact which is not noted today by the AFNOR.

September 21st, 2017

Signatories :

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AFNOR HALAL The press release of the Muslim Halal stakeholders
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Arabic - Press Release Halal AFNOR FRance

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