lundi, 10 août 2020

ASIDCOM interpellates the government and declared candidates for the presidential election

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Our association strongly condemned, on behalf of Muslim consumers, the use of religious slaughter issue for electoral purposes.

Indeed, the government of Mr. Sarkozy did not find more populist appeal to the voices of the extreme right and lobbies for animal welfare than issuing texts (Decree and Order of 28/12/11 published in the Official Journal of 12/29/11) that seek to complicate for Muslims of France the use of Religious Slaughter while this last represents only 4% of the meat production in France.

Animal welfare concerns everything that relates to the slaughter : transportation, restraint, training ... and slaughter is not specific to Religious Slaughter. The introduction of quotas is an act that is contrary to civil harmony and also a violation of the rights of buyers and sellers in the marketplace. This is simply a new step towards the ultimate objective of the prohibition of religious slaughter in France and an attempt to make life more difficult for its Muslim and Jewish citizens so that they will be encouraged to leave the country.

ASIDCOM condemns this new electoral demagoguery and calls for the withdrawal of this decree and order. Attacking the fundamental freedoms of French citizens must be of concern to all Frenchmen.

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